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  • A: Yes, but there are more requirements and extra expenses to cover, like the apostille and a blood test in the previous days before the wedding day that has to be done in town by an approved lab. This means you need to come at least 4 days previous to the wedding if you like to get legally married.
  • A: Is a symbolic ceremony; most of the couples get legally married in America and come to Cabo to do the ceremony with family and friends under a breathtaking scenery like Hacienda Encantada. If you like to get legally married in Mexico you can request it to your wedding coordinator in addition to your wedding package.
  • A: The initial deposit to save the date is $1,000 usd that will be credit to your wedding balance.
  • A: We only hold one wedding per day to provide our full attention and make you the rock star of the day.
  • A: Curfew is in Winter Season is at 10:00 p.m. and in Summer Season is at 11:00 p.m.
  • A: Décor is quote separately according to your event design. Hacienda Dreams package is the only package that has center pieces included.
  • A: Your wedding coordinator is ready to provide a vendors list to choose from in order to select your wedding services, she will offer a quality guarantee suppliers and will follow up until the mission is accomplish when you hire services through the resort. If you rather to use a supplier on your own, there is a vendors entrance fee and you need to notify the name of the supplier in order to have access to the property. In this case the delivery of the hire service is on your own supervision.
  • A: Not necessarily, but please consider that all our wedding packages are design for people staying at the resort in all inclusive, this means that an additional price will apply for guest staying out of the resort.
  • A: The minimum room block to get special concessions for bride and groom is 10 rooms for 3 nights stay.
  • A: Children from 4 to 12 year old will pay a special price according to the chosen package. Children under 4 don't pay. And children older than 12 year old are consider as adults price.