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Fun Things to Do in Cabo for the Ultimate Beach Vacation

Free your spirit. Awaken your senses. Indulge your desire to live every moment to the fullest with mind-expanding adventures. Plunge into the vivid blue waters of the Sea of Cortez and feel inspired by nature. Snorkel alongside fish with psychedelic colors and dive to eye-popping scuba sites moments from shore. Feel your heart race as you fly across the roof of a canyon on a zip line. Shop for handmade treasures and play your best golf game ever. Embrace Mexico's vibrant culture on the coast of Baja. Make Cabo yours.
Golf at Baja California Sur


Tee off with stunning views of the Baja coastline and mountains.
Enjoy an exhilarating blend of breathtaking coastal scenery and stimulating challenges at Cabo's world-class golf clubs. Surround yourself with dramatic vistas: desert mountains, golden sand beaches, and infinite ocean views.
Water Activities at Cabo San Lucas

Water Activities

Be wowed by wild adventures and underwater beauty.
Discover an underwater paradise with brilliant colors and incredible creatures for divers and snorkelers. Ride the waves on a surfboard or a wave runner. Go parasailing, sea kayaking, and sport fishing in the deep blue sea.
Encounter Nature at Baja California Sur

Encounter Nature

Get up close and personal with whales and swim beside dolphins.
Enjoy unparalleled opportunities to interact with marine life in Cabo's warm waters. For an animal encounter that you'll never forget, jump in and swim alongside dolphins. Pet the playful creatures and see them smile back.
Adventure Tours at Cabo San Lucas

Adventure Tours

Ride zip lines, ATVs, horses, and camels on bucket list expeditions.
Enjoy experiences that wake up your spirit. Drive an ATV through the desert. Fly above a canyon on a zip line. Bounce to a secret beach in a dune buggy. Ride a horse into the sunset - or ride a camel to a tequila tasting!
Shopping at Cabo San Lucas


Browse designer boutiques and artisan shops for chic souvenirs.
From original artwork to sexy beachwear, you'll find one-of-a-kind souvenirs in Cabo. Browse high-end boutiques, exotic artisan shops, and luxury malls for everything from designer bikinis and breezy sundresses to souveniers.