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Make Every Moment Count with Mind-Blowing Cabo Adventures

You love a little R&R - but what you crave is adventure. You want new experiences that wake up your spirit and stimulate all your senses - and you'll find them in Cabo. Drive an ATV through the desert. Fly above a canyon on a zip line. Bounce to a secret beach in a dune buggy. Ride a horse into the sunset - or ride a camel to a tequila tasting! You only live once, so make it something to brag about. Discover what's waiting just around the corner from our hotel, and book an escape that brings you up close to the region's stunning natural wonders.

ATV Tours

Be wild and free on an exhilarating off-road expedition. Climb aboard your ATV and follow desert trails on a high-energy chase.

Zip Line - Cabo Adventures

Feel like Superman as you zoom above the treetops of a lush, tropical biosphere. Ride on the longest, fastest zip line in Mexico! 

Wild Canyon Tortuga

Embark on eight thrilling zip line rides across vast canyons in the Baja desert. Check another amazing experience off your bucket list.

Buggies - Cabo Adventures

Find a hidden beach! Hop on a dune buggy and go off the beaten path on this heart-pounding journey through deep canyons and rugged terrain.

Safari - Cabo Adventures

Do something different. Ride a camel down the beach and take in the scenery. Sample tequilas and hike through the Baja outback.

Horseback Riding

Channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl. Explore Baja's beaches on horseback, just like intrepid adventurers did centuries ago. 

City Tours

Connect with Cabo's rich heritage on an enlightening tour of fascinating historical sites, a handicraft market, and an 18th-century Spanish mission.