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Feel the Magic of Cabo Snorkeling, Diving & Coastal Thrills

Immerse yourself in the sparkling seas that surround Cabo San Lucas and discover wet and wild adventures. Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you captain a wave runner across the Sea of Cortez. Soar high into the sky on a parasailing flight with your best friend at your side. Grab your snorkel or scuba tank and explore an awe-inspiring underwater world. Relax on a sunset sailing trip. Get your heart pumping on a sport fishing expedition. From surfing to kayaking, Cabo is an epic water sports playground.

Diving - Cabo Adventures

Swim with sea turtles and colorful tropical fish in an undersea realm that's teeming with life. Many of the best Cabo diving sites are just a five-minute boat ride away from our resort. Ready, set, go!

Snorkeling - Cabo Adventures

Strap on your mask and snorkel to explore Cabo from a completely new perspective. Take it easy as you float beside brilliant schools of fish and see wow-worthy underwater rock formations.

Parasailing - Happy Flights Cabo

Enjoy intoxicating bird's-eye views of the Baja Peninsula on a bucket list adventure high above the glassy sea. Let the parasail pull you through the sky on an unforgettable flight over the shoreline.

Sport Fishing

Set sail in the sunshine on a deep-sea fishing odyssey in the Striped Marlin Capital of the World. You'll also encounter yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and dorado in the bountiful waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Surfing - Del Cabo Surf Shop

Hang ten on killer surf breaks in the warm waters off the coast of Baja. Find amazing spots for beginners and experienced surfers, plus two major swell directions within an hour's drive of each other.

Kayaking - Cabo Expeditions

Embrace the serenity of a quiet paddle in the calm waters along the beach. Choose a clear-bottom kayak for a glimpse into the sea below. Looking for adrenaline? Venture to the inland rivers.

Wave Runners - Aries Watersports

Hop on the back of a wave runner and zoom across the calm waters and gentle waves of the Sea of Cortez. Go all-out with the pedal to the medal or simply enjoy an easygoing cruise. Aye aye, captain!